About Us

Little about us!

DoozieSoft is the emerging software company. At DoozieSoft, we understand your idea and try to give it a shape and make it ready for your use. We help our customers, create vision and define a technology strategy aligned to maximize operational efficiencies. We are an adept group of analysts, designers, programmers, and general business and technology enthusiasts who share a common goal of helping our customers succeed. We approach business challenges from a unique perspective, as we never let technology limitations restrict our ability to solve a problem.

Why us??

We listen carefully to you and we'll deliver exactly what you need. We put all of our energy into listening and understanding your needs, developing your custom solutions, and striving to deliver above and beyond your requirements. We take pride in our work and treat your business initiatives as if they were ours, realizing that your success translates into ours. DoozieSoft specialise in the development of customize software and database solutions to meet your specific need. We deliver effective management information and reporting systems. Our customize software solutions and database systems "work the way your business works" and we develop mobile apps for mobile devices, to enable your business to "go where your customers go"