Customized Software Development

"Simple solutions are more important....
We develop software that works the way your business works...."

If you require more than just an online presence and wish to build sophisticated web applications as part of your business or have an innovative idea and like to implement it, we are more than capable of creating a solution for you.

With our unique ideas and experience in developing enterprise level applications, we can deliver highly sophisticated and user friendly applications to meet your business needs. We provide backward integration to existing software systems.

We provide full integrated information management system. We do development on different platform. All businesses operate differently which very often means their software needs are different too. Expertly designed, we deliver tailor made software solutions that do the job better than off-the-shelf alternatives because they are designed to work the way your business works.

At DoozieSoft, we listen carefully to our clients' needs and ask the right questions to ensure that we really understand their business. That's why we can confidently deliver scalable and future-proof customized software solutions that are the right ones to meet your company's requirements now and in the future.

With every customize development project, our aim is to deliver a optimal solution that not only meets all the requirements and goals of that customer, but also minimises the work load and maintenance required to support a continually growing application.

Benefits of customized software development:

Our software development process:

We follow agile methodology for development. Agile methodology has small box iterations rather than phases. The output of each iteration will be production release deliverable and could be evaluated and get early feedback. We follow a robust structured approach that is based on the agile methodology. This process involves iteratively improving a solution based on user's and stakeholder's feedback, making regular releases so you get to experience the results quickly and hands on.

Below are the agile methodology phases:
  1. Recieve the requirements
  2. Design the solution
  3. Build the solution
  4. Test and show to client
  5. If client says YES, then release and if NO, then repeat the above phases

We offer the following services:

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